Rev Buren P. Hastings

This site is dedicated to Preacher Hastings who has gone on to be with the Lord

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Please Understand that these recordings are from Cassettes that are over 10 years old.   

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 Gracious Renewal  Psalm 51:1-19  01-28-01 am
 Twoedged Swords Part II  Hebrews 4:12  01-28-01 pm
 The Voice of Heaven
 Revelation 11:1-19
 02-04-01 am
 Strong Meat
 Hebrews 5:1-14; 6:14-15
 02-04-01 pm
 The Power of Aaron's Rod
 Exodua 7:1-13
 02-11-01 am
 The Root of the Matter
 Job 19:21-29
 02-11-01 pm
 Sunshine in the Heart
 Psalms 37:1-17
 02-18-01 am
 The Soul Winners Prayer
 Philippians  1:1-7
 02-18-01 pm
 Praying for a Revival  Habakkuk 3:2
 02-25-01 am
  Reason to Shout  Psalms 32:10-11; 33:1-5  02-25-01 pm
 Let's Go Outside the Gate  Hebrews 13-1-17  03-04-01 am
 The Preacher said, "I've had Enough"
 I Kings 19:1-18
 03-04-01 pm
 The Easy Thing is Not Always the Right Thing to Do  II Timothy 4:1-8  03-11-01 am
 The Three Alls' of the Great Commission
 Matthew 28:16-20
 03-11-01 pm
 The Reality of Religion  Deuteronomy 32 - 44-52  03-18-01 am
 The Principalites and Powers
 Ephesians 3:1-10
 03-18-01 pm
 You Can't Loose  II Timothy 4:1-8  03-25-01 am
 Where Salvation will Take You
 Isaiah 12:1-6
 03-25-01 pm
 The Fiery Serpent  Numbers 21:1-9  04-01-01 am
  I have Found the Book  Chronicles 34:15-19 - 23-33  04-01-01 pm
 A Journey with Zacchaeus  Luke 19:1-10  04-08-01 am
 Resurrection Power  John 11:19-29  04-15-01 am
 Voice of My Beloved  Song of Solomon 2:8-14  04-22-01 am
 Building a Local Church  I Corinthians 3:1-9  04-29-01 am
 A Bright Light in a Dark Place  Matthew 5:14-16  05-06-01 am
 Victory of a Mothers' Faith  Hebrews 11:23  05-13-01 am
 Something about the Resurrection  Matthew 27:45-54  05-20-01 am
 A Revival that Will cure Our Ills

 St. John 20:19-25

 06-03-01 am
 What Think Ye of Christ 

 Matthew 22:34-46

 06-10-01 am
 Sacrifices that We Should Not Make

 I Corinthians 10:14-20

 06-24-01 am
 Sweet Spirit of Christ Toward the Word of God

 Matthew 15:1-14

 07-08-01 am
 The Sweet Service to God

 Matthew 6:19-34

 07-15-01 am
 Things We Need to Know in the World Today  St. John 8:37-57  07-22-01 am


Updated December 21, 2011